Consolidation Services For Sea Freight

consolidation services

Different types of businesses either big or small, face the problem of having cargo less than the container's fill requirement, which pays them the cost for the whole container. As the problem grows, a solution was introduced in the world of logistics. That solution is “Consolidation”. With the help of Consolidation, people can combine their cargo with someone else cargo to fill the whole container, which solves the most common issue faced by almost all business; the issue of paying for a full container for less cargo. Our company provide this consolidation services in mainland China.

Why do you need Consolidation Services

Businesses need all kinds of goods for shipping and they usually buy goods from different kinds of factories depended on the type of goods. The quantity of goods from each factory is often less than the quantity required for a full container. So the cargo from each factory is loaded on containers of those companies. It costs too much as they will have to pay for each container to help our customers their money. We combine their cargo from different factories then we pack that cargo carefully in a single container which is then shipped to its destination.

Advantages of using our Consolidation services

By using our Consolidation services you will be getting a lot of benefits. We provide a complete package of advantages which are very competitive in the market and are best fit for all of your cargo consolidation needs. Some of the advantages of our Consolidation services are:

  • a)Cost Effective: We offer cheap and competitive prices. By paying for our consolidation service you will be saving a lot of money on your cargo containers.
  • b)Save Customs Clearance Fee: We will save you from paying customs clearance fee for each factory’s container. We will repack and fit your cargo from different factories in containers enough for all the cargo so that you will have to pay for fewer containers.
  • c)Save your Time: Once you have ordered us, then you just need to focus on the work you do best, which is doing your business. Because we will contact all your suppliers one by one. Then we will take your cargo from them with all details of the packing list and commercial invoice. After that, we load the cargo all together to fill the containers. Then we make new Commercial Invoices and Proforma Invoices. So you won’t worry about anything.
  • d)Safety of your Cargo: Our expert loaders and transporters are specifically trained to handle all types of cargo with care and gentleness. We give special care to fragile goods and load them with proper loading techniques to keep them safe.

Consolidation Services details

First, we contact to your suppliers. Then we use Freight Trucks which have large containers on their backs to serve the purpose of transporting cargo from suppliers. The Cargo is then brought to our warehouse where we take out the cargo from trucks and repack the goods from different suppliers altogether. Then we load those repacked goods in containers which are then shipped.

Cargo Pickup from anywhere in China

Anyone can benefit from our service. We provide consolidation services in main ports of China but we can pick cargo from your suppliers from anywhere in China. Just contact us and provide the supplier’s contact and then leave the rest to our capable hands.

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