Top 10 container shipping companies in 2019

container shipping companies

In the world of container shipping every company has its own uniqueness and services but if we talk in terms of number of their ships and container capacity then definitely we will have a list of companies from most to least, in that list we have selected top 10 container shipping companies with respect to year 2019.

Msk container shipping company–Maersk Group

Founded: 1904

Capitalization: US$ 35 billion

TUE: 3,250,668

Ships: 620

Their operating unit "Maersk line" is world's largest overseas freight carrier. They have 88,000 employees currently working in 130 countries around the globe. The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is leading the container shipping world since 1996.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC shipping)

Founded: 1970

Capitalization: US$ 28.19 billion

TUE: 2,936,553

Ships: 490

This company is the largest privately owned company in the world with 24,000 employees working in 480 offices across 150 countries of the world. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has over 200 different routes calling at about 315 ports.

CMA CGM Shipping lines

Founded: 1978

Capitalization: US$ 16 billion

TUE: 2,165,570

Ships: 447

This company is the world 3rd largest container shipping company with 29,000 employees in 755 offices across 150 different countries in the world, it has 200 different shipping routes with calling of 420 ports.

China COSCO Shipping Container Company

Founded: 1961

Capitalization: US$ 10.2 billion

TUE: 1,639,692

Ships: 294

The China COSCO shipping company is a merger of COSCO groups and china shipping group, which took place in January 2016, they have 130,000 employees working across the world. This company is based in Shanghai, China.

Evergreen Marine-EMC Shipping Company

Founded: 1968

Capitalization: US$ 4.556 billion

TUE: 989,592

Ships: 187

This Taiwan based company has 3389 employees working across 80 countries and calls on 240 ports worldwide. The company's Headquarters is in Luzhu District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

Hapag-Lloyd -HPL Container lines

Founded: 1970

Capitalization: US$ 12 billion

TUE: 978,573

Ships: 169

This Germany based company has more than 9300 employees working across 117 different countries of the world and calls at 350 different ports. The headquarter is in Hamburg, Germany.

Orient Overseas Container Line -OOCL lines

Founded: 1969

Capitalization: Unknown

TUE: 773,201

Ships: 91

OOCL has more than 320 offices across 70 different countries of the world. The headquarter of this company is based in Hong Kong, China.

Hamburg Süd -HBL Container Shipping Company

Founded: 1871

Capitalization: US$6.5 billion

TUE: 625,327

Ships: 115

This is a private shipping company with a number of 4500+ employees working across different countries of the world. Their headquarter is located in Hamburg, Germany.

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation - YML

Founded: 1972

Capitalization: Unknown

TUE: 590,269

Ships: 98

This is also a privately owned company, with thousands of employees working across the globe, Their focus in on teamwork and innovation. The headquarter is based in Keelung, Taiwan

NYK Line:

Founded: 1885

Capitalization: US$ 395.8 million

TUE: 584,699

Ships: 99

NYK is one of the oldest shipping company in the world, with an approximate of 33,520 employees working across the globe. The headquarter is in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

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