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Maersk shipping Line is the global container division and the largest operating unit of the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group. A Danish business Group. According to Wikipedia, the MSK Shipping Company is ranked number one in container shipping companies with its 3,250,668 TUE overall capacity and 620 vessels. Denmark A.P. Muller - Maersk Group successfully acquired iron line slag shipping, after six months of the business integration process. And in August 2005 finally combined the brand with Maersk shipping Line . Maersk Group due to its struggle to strive and be a success is ranked at 298 out of 500 wealthiest companies in the world on

Statistics of MSK Shipping

Founded: 1928 Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark Area served: Worldwide Rank: #1 Vessels: 620 Container capacity: 3,250,668 TUE Employees: 87,736 Containers Shipped per year: 12 million Call on ports: 343 ports Serves in: 121 Countries

Services of MSK Shipping

MSK shipping has been providing services to its customers around the world for years. The main focus of MSK shipping is in the shipping of containers and has successfully managed to outgrow its competitors and became #1 in container shipping line. The services provided my MSK Shipping includes the shipping of:

  • Dry cargo: The dry cargo transportation service of MSK includes the transportation of the cargo which is normal in size and does not need special care like Agriculture cargo, Machines, Vehicles, Clothes, and Packages etc.
  • Over Sized Cargo: The oversized cargo requires containers with huge size and containers which are modified to carry goods with irregular shapes like for machinery with large widths and heights need containers like the open top and flat racks which carry goods like pipes, huge vehicles like cranes, construction trucks etc.
  • Refrigerated Cargo: Some goods need special care and attention and for those goods, the Refrigerated containers are necessary which is also called reefer container which controls and sets the temperature according to the standard requirement for cargo to be fresh. The reefer container carries cargo like Food items, Medicines, Dairy, Plants etc.
  • Special Cargo: Special cargo is carried in special containers which are made to sustain the effects of cargo inside them, the cargo like dangerous chemicals which can do serious damage when exposed, is carried in containers for special cargo.

The cheap costs of shipping and door to door services has also made a huge impact in the success of MSK shipping company.

MSK Shipping In china

In 1984, Maersk shipping Group established its first office in Guangzhou and in March 1994, Maersk (China) Shipping Co. Ltd. Was officially established. Chinese market has become an integral part of the global business empire Maersk shipping Group.

Maersk shipping dock has a major part in the coastal Chinese investment layout. Maersk shipping Group has the world's largest office in Chengdu, which is the main purchasing and manufacturing of ship and marine equipment Chinese business. After 90 years of development, Maersk shipping has become one of the most successful foreign companies in the Chinese market. Shipbuilding industry has always been an important pillar of the Chinese government's economic growth strategy.

In 2012, China's shipbuilding industry contributed 790 billion yuan of industrial output value, equivalent to 1.54% of GDP in the year. As of 2012, China had about 1647 shipyards, providing more than 670 thousand jobs. Today, China's shipbuilding industry is a strong export oriented industry.

In 2009, about 87% of new ship orders were used in the export market. In 1996, the Maersk shipping Group first ordered ships from China, which accounted for only 4% of the world's ship deliveries. Since then, Maersk shipping has ordered more than 82 ships from China's shipyards, worth more than $3 billion 500 million. In 2000, the number of Maersk shipping ports in China was 1085, while in 2012 it rose to 4645.

In 2000, the container capacity of Maersk shipping China was 1 million and 500 thousand TEU, and in 2012 it was more than 7 million TEU. This expansion laid the foundation for Maersk shipping shipping Line to become the largest liner company in China's liner market.

In 2012. Maersk shipping Group believes that its influence in China and its market share indicate that Maersk shipping has played a significant role in the contribution of the entire transport industry to China's economic growth. The report shows that between

2004 and 2012, 11% increase of China's trade growth due to improved container shipping connectivity came from Maersk shipping Line s. "Maersk shipping Group sustainable development strategy and risk management chief adviser John Kornerup Bang said: "we hope that in the China Maersk shipping Group will continue to challenge into growth opportunities, so as to further enhance the market competitiveness in China and achieve sustainable development."