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container tracking

People face so much trouble in tracking their containers, maybe because they don’t know about online container tracking services. Even if people know about online tracking, it is difficult for them to find links for online tracking. We help people by providing links to different websites from which you can track your containers. In this modern age of information technology, it is very easy to keep track of your container or shipment. By our help and the use of the internet, one can get all information about his container, the schedule of the vessel carrying that shipment, where the container is currently located and where the container has reached. All of this you can be known while sitting at the home. Some clicks of your mouse can tell you everything you need to know about your container. We have created this guide to help you understand the tracking process of your container by the internet. You just need to follow the steps mentioned in this guide and you will be able to track your container from your home. So let’s get started:

Things you need for Container Tracking

There are just 2 things which you need to track your container, these things are:

Working Internet Connection: First of all you need a computer with a working internet connection. Because we are going to track the container from a website.

Bill of Landing: The most important thing you need is the bill of landing of your container. Because the bill of landing will have all the information that is necessary to track the container.

Steps for Container Tracking

There are total 5 steps for tracking your container. Follow these 5 steps carefully. The steps for container tracking are given below:

  • First of all, you need to go to the website of the shipping company, such as Hapag-Lloyd, their website is: And there is COSCO container trackinig bill of lading.
  • Now, look for the box which says “Trace container” or “Cargo tracking”. In this website, the box is at the top of the right side named as “Trace Container”. The box will be like this picture. You can use B/L number or the container number to track your container.
  • Now take your Bill of landing and look for the B/L number or the container number. Usually, the B/L number is written on the right side of the bill of landing. And the container number at the bottom of the bill of landing. The B/L number will help you track your container.
  • Once you have located the B/L number or the container number; type any one of them in the box of container tracking. Be careful while typing the number, you will have to type the correct number for the results to show.
  • Once you have carefully entered the numbers, press enters and that’s it! A new page will be open and all the information about your container and the vessel carrying that container will appear on that page.

All International Container Shipping Companies container tracking

Here are all international container shipping companies container tracking websites, COSCO Evergreen

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