Seaports Of The Torld

Seaports are very essential for the international trade economic development. This is the most affordable means of transporting cargo from one country to another. It has since been used in the international trade and it has a solid history of efficiency.

However, despite seaport is important, still not every country has a seaport.

In the development of cities and regional economy of any country, seaports plays an indispensable role. According to relevant data analysis, 31 out of the 35 international cities are developed today because of their port and internationalization of the city. The top 10 cities are all port cities. Statistical analysis shows that over 50% of the global wealth is concentrated in coastal port cities.

Why the seaports are important

Why does the seaports play such a role? From the course of historical evolution. First of all, the seaports is the hub of transportation, it is the center of the transformation of various transportation tools, so a large number of goods gathered here, stimulating economic development. At the same time, the surrounding areas of the seaports also developed processing industry, which led to the development of industry. Then it was the third generation seaports, which promoted the development of international trade. Some agents and logistics were also developed. Now that it has developed to the fourth generation seaports, what is the concept? The allocation of global resources is an international hub, as the important development trend of current globalization, the trend of globalization is the resources within the scope of the global flow and sharing of resources in the world, in this case, the flow of resources in the global scope, rely on the sea to support, because shipping has the biggest volume efficiency. The highest and lowest cost. Around the seaports, it becomes the hub of resource allocation. Therefore, in the regional economic development, the seaports is of great significance for the integration of various production factors and the development of various industrial clusters.

Seaport’s history

The harbor is a natural cover of the bays, inlets, estuaries and other places for the ship. In the west, there are many important ancient ports along the Mediterranean coast. This is the Greek Crete Nan‘an site culture period mesala Hong Kong. By about 2700 BC in the eastern Mediterranean port of Sidon and Tyre built Hong Kong (now in Lebanon). Since then, the famous port of Carthage (now Tunisia) has been built on the North Bank of Africa. Ancient Greece built Bileikesi port in the main Peninsula west side of Dacia. The king of Macedonia was built in Alexandria on the north shore of Egypt, more than 332 BC. The port of Rome was built at the mouth of the Tiber River (now in Italy). With the development of commercial and shipping industries, natural ports cannot meet the needs of economic development. Therefore, it is necessary to build an artificial port with terminals, breakwaters and loading and unloading machines and equipment, which is the beginning of port engineering construction. After the industrial revolution, large-scale port construction began. At the beginning of nineteenth Century appeared to the steam engine powered ship, and the tonnage of the ship, and the draft scale is increasing, for the construction of artificial deep-water harbor and fairway, which requires the use of dredging equipment, modern port construction was developed. Land transportation, especially railway transportation, brought large quantities of goods to and from the port, which greatly promoted the development of port construction.

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