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Loading the container 20ft 40ft 40hc use truck freight services from sea port to factory, return to the port services.

When people buy goods from a factory, there is a need to transport cargoes from factory to the port. This should be done quickly as there is a whole process of customs clearance and that process takes time too, so if you get late you can miss the freight. To help people transfer their goods safely and on time, truck freight services are provided. The trucks pick up the cargo from the factory and transport it to the port on time. The truck freight services are the best suitable for the container of sizes of 20ft (feet), 40ft (feet) and the 40hc (high cube).

Truck Freight Considerations

There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow before using truck freight services. Because, if it not followed, you will have to pay extra fees and there is also a chance if you miss the ship which will carry your container. To know everything about truck freight services look at the things below:

Take the container before Cut Off date

Your container stored in the port’s warehouse should be trucked within 5 days as the warehouse provides free storage for 7 days. Containers are transported in business days which are 5 days of a week. So if the container is kept in the warehouse longer than 7 days. Then an additional fee will be charged according to the number of days it stays after 7 free days.

Cargo loading time limit

When you are using truck freight services, you need to be careful about the time that it takes for the cargo to load in the truck. Because it is necessary to keep track of time otherwise it will cost you some fees. The cargo should be loaded in the container in a span of 7 hours after the truck arrives. If the loading took is longer than 7 hours, then you will have to pay some charges.

Charges for Using Motorway

Sometimes, there is too much traffic on the highway. And the traffic waste a lot of time. So, to make sure that the container reaches to the port on time for customs clearance. The truck sometimes uses the Motorway as the motorway’s average speed is 100 mph. The fee for using motorway will be charged from the buyer.

Charges on Overweight

If the container weights more than 15 tons, then it will be considered as overweight. For the transport of overweight containers through truck freight, the buyer will have to pay some charges.

Advantages of our Truck freight services

By using our truck freight services you will be getting a lot of benefits. We offer the best service to our clients with full satisfaction. We provide high-quality truck freight services in all main ports of China. But we can pick your cargo from any factory in China. Besides that, we offer competitive prices which saves you a lot of money on your container transport. Unlike many Truck freight service providers who take too much time in transport, we transport containers swiftly.

The ports which We have Truck Freight Services

  • Port of Yantian Port of Shekou
  • Port Of Chiwan
  • Port of Mawan
  • Port of Huangpu
  • Port of Nansha
  • Port of Xiamen
  • Port of Shanghai
  • Port of Shanghai
  • Port of Ningbo
  • Port of Qingdao
  • Port of Tianjin

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