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Thousands of shipments are being transported from one part to another part of the world. Among those shipments transporters, mostly rely on services of Customs Brokers. People are too busy to deal with the headache of getting documents cleared. So, Customs brokers provide transporters relief from this headache. They offer services which includes clearing all custom clearance documents swiftly, dealing with governments of different countries, transferring of information from port to port and more importantly providing you relief from the tiresome experience of doing elongating custom work by yourself.

As one of the top custom brokers in China. We provide best possible service for your custom export from the ports of China. Once you accept our services, then it is our concern to deal with all your good's customs clearance. By choosing us as your Customs Broker, you will be getting a lot of benefits and comfort. Our expertise in Customs brokerage will take care of all your customs related problems including:

Customs Broker ready Documentations

When going through the process of export, one faces a lot of issues regarding customs clearance. One of the most time and energy consuming issue is going through the process of documentation. Businessmen hardly find any time besides taking care of their day to day operations. If they need to go through the documentation on their own then it will prove to be a hurdle in their business. So to save you from the tiresome process of documentation, we take the whole custom clearance process to our capable hands. As a professional and one of the best Customs broker in China, we have years of knowledge and good relations with departments of customs clearance. This allows us to complete whole customs related documentation process very swiftly. Our expertise will save you a great deal of time and effort.

Customs Broker know the Rules and regulations

Every now and then, the standards of custom clearance changes. Due to changing in rules and standards it is nearly impossible for a common person to be aware of new regulations. We, on the other hand, are professionals in the business of Customs clearance. So it is our job to be aware of all the rules and regulations concerning clearance of cargo. Our agents deal with hundreds of shipments on daily basis. So we keep tabs on even a slight change in rules of customs clearance, which helps our customers safely export their shipments from ports of China.

Keep Good Relations with Customs

For gateway clearance, you will need to go to the port. The port can be in any part of the country and going to that port can consume a lot of time. As one of the best customs broker in China, we have maintained good relations with every port of China. We know all officials of customs from each port. Due to our positive reputation in the world of customs brokerage, we can help you export your cargo from any port in China with convenience.

When your container be checked by customs, if there have lots of types of goods in one container, we will go to the port to show customs where which type of good inside the container. Ready the details of “packing list” to customs. Smoothly finish customs clearance jobs.

Technical for customs clear

When it comes to customs clearance, there is too much jargon. It is very difficult for an individual or an organization to understand these technicalities regarding regulations, criteria for clearance, paperwork etc. As professionals in customs brokerage, it is our job to know about these technicalities. We will help you understand all technical information. We work as a translator between customs officials and our customers. Which helps our customers understand every technicality regarding clearance of their cargo.

Nowadays there are so many restrictions regarding the transport of goods. We offer our professional services, to help you transport your cargo following all the laws and meeting all the restrictions.

Individuals or companies, who need to transport their goods, usually have no knowledge of customs clearance. Our expertise helps them understand the process of clearance and all technical terminologies associated with it.

By using the services of customs brokers, you will save yourself from a lot of trouble. The whole process of clearance will be done by us and you will be doing what you do best – managing your core business.

Our Customs broker Services

  • Assist supplier finish customs clear, take back the export duty from Chinese government. This way for the supplier whom can provide customs clear documents. Most of shipping type is FOB China.
  • Provide export customs clear documents. When you do EXW which factory, they cannot provide customs clearance document, then we can provide this for you insure your cargo , report your goods  to the customs.
  • Confirm the cargo whether allow export China.
  • Ready or assist all documents to customs.
  • Assist the customs check the container.

Our Customs broker Services Port

  • Shenzhen: Yantian Customs / Sheku Customs / Chiwan Customs / Mawan Customs / Dachanwan customs.
  • Guangzhou: Huangpu / Nansha
  • Xiamen:
  • Shanghai:
  • Ningbo:

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