Warehouse Services In China

Warehouse Services China

We primarily store Sellers's product in warehouse China and ship them out whenever required. We provide much cheaper warehousing and handling services from China and this interprets in maximizing revenue margins for the sellers. Alternatively, the sellers can introduce discounts and buyers can take advantage of the more comprehensive products and services.

Meanwhile, it has reasonable layout, multi-functions and advanced storage device. Your goods will be kept well by our experienced administrators. We insure that your goods will be under our supervision 24Hours, 7Days. As we work in a systematic way, your goods will be processed properly and efficiently.

In order to modernize, normalize and standardize our customer services, we have developed an advanced warehouse management system which can strengthen our production management and operation.

Order fulfillment about daily stocking goods, putting goods on shelves, printing orders and packaging goods, is a complex and professional work, which will take up your valuable time. If you hand over this work to us, you will save a lot of time and energy to invest in more orders for your business. Therefore, our warehouse services is the good choice for you to expand your business.

Sea Freight Global (China) can customize a program that will assist you to establish, execute, and facilitate a complete warehouse solution in the key manufacturing and shipping regions of China.

Implementing a warehouse China and distribution program can significantly improve your global supply chain, increase sales, and reduce overall costs

We will help our customers design a strategic warehousing and distribution network that improves service, increases inventory for your new or existing customers and minimize cost with complete visibility 24/7.

Our Warehouse in China Operations

All our warehouses across cities in China are fully equipped with advanced security systems and surveillance cameras. All the racks and shelves are organized in a good way. We use barcode technology to improve our efficiency and to minimize human errors. The heart of all these is our state-of- the-art inventory and orders management software. This you will have access to visit after you sign-up with our website. All our warehousing staffs are well trained to handle your products efficiently. We hand over orders to most of the shipping companies and post offices twice a day to make sure that a 24 hours handling time is possible.

General Cargo Warehousing in China

General warehouse China is primarily used for domestic distribution and can be used as a hub for your products to be sold in Hong Kong and China.

Warehousing options include high security facilities with CCTV, active alarms, 24 hour security personnel employed to store commodities such as electronics, luxury branded goods, wines etc.

Selected areas within these facilities offer shelving for piece picking operations, racking for carton and pallet pick and storage or basic block stacking. Temperature and humidity control areas are also available to cater for perishable goods, sensitive electronic components, health care products and wine.

Garments can be handled whether in cartons or GOH (garments on hangers) and all the above are controlled through our Warehouse Management System which is served within our facilities used wireless scanners for product management to serial number, batch and lot number levels.

China Service Capabilities

Our warehouse China facilities for storage, consolidation and distribution ensures that all freight is undergoing systematic handling and prompt distribution. Our services include:

  • Centralized location where customers can consolidate, store or distribute their products
  • Logistics processing facilities for sorting, inspection, packing and basic processing
  • Inventory management & quality control measures
  • Pick and pack, kitting, and special project service
  • Convenient locations with access to local and national ports, railway, highway and air networks
  • Consolidate orders from multiple vendors in secure warehouse facility
  • Complete visibility of warehouse activities, including analysis and reporting
  • Distribute your goods directly from warehouse China to end customers
  • Established systems for international multimodal transport, combining land, ocean and air transport services
  • China Customs clearance
  • Insurance coverage

Dangerous Goods Warehousing in Shenzhen

Sea Freight Global (China) have experience handling dangerous goods in Hong Kong and China, for more details please contact us directly.

Warehouse Distribution services

If our customers store goods in our warehouse, we will supply reliable and fast distribution services. The sellers just need to input the recipient's addresses into our system. Then our system will create their shipping lists and address labels. Customers goods will be put on designated unit according to their address labels. The inspection workers will make their effort to check every parcel in case they are not incompatible with their shipping lists. After finishing this work, goods will be put into the envelope or carton, and paste the address label. At last, your goods will be handle to our logistics department.

We offer comprehensive one stop shop covering the main import and export regions of the world most prolific manufacturing nation – China.

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