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ZIM shipping is one of the largest shipping services provides on a global level and the largest shipping company in Israel. The company was established in 1945 by the Jewish Agency and has headquarters in Haifa, Israel. ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. Was formerly known as ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd. and ZIM American Israeli Shipping Inc. ZIM has different shareholders. Kenon LTD. has alone 32% equity and the rest 68% is owned by other financial institutions and ship owners. The Motto of ZIM Shipping Company is to provide first-class and fully customized services and the fact that it is one of the largest company has shown that ZIM is committed to its Motto.

Statistics of ZIM Shipping

Some statistics of the company are as follows:

ZIM shipping has more than 170 offices and representatives in over 120 countries throughout the world.

ZIM has containers which carry 547,000 TEUs of various types.

ZIM has 4200 employees

Vessels of ZIM calls at over 180 ports throughout the world.

ZIM offers Over 70 lines and services.

ZIM Shipping Container Services

ZIM shipping provides container shipping services on an international level with full customer satisfaction. Its container shipping services include the shipping of all types of goods through its containers. They ship the normal cargo like packages and supplies through their dry container. But they also provide container shipping services for special cargo like:

Refrigerated cargo: Their container shipping service includes the delivery of cargo which needs to be refrigerated like food items, medicines, dairy, meat etc. To serve the purpose of delivery of such cargo, ZIM uses its reefer container which has the ability to change the temperature to the adequate amount.

Out of Gauge Cargo: The Out of Gauge or OOG cargo contains the cargo which is huge in size and cannot be fitted in a standard sized container. OOG cargo includes machinery, huge vehicles, large pipes etc. To ship such material through the container, ZIM shipping uses their Flat racks containers which have no sides, so that the cargo with large width can fit easily.

Dangerous Cargo: They also provide the shipping of dangerous cargo like hazardous chemicals which can do damage on interaction or exposure. They use their dry containers, reefer, and ISO tanks to ship dangerous cargo.

The containers of ZIM are kept in good condition with full maintenance and are matched with all safety conditions in accordance with International Containers Standards and CSC - Container Safety Convention.

ZIM shipping services from China

ZIM shipping also provides its services in China and calls at all the main ports and almost all the small ports of China. ZIM has expanded its offices in different regions of China which includes:

South China (Shenzhen)

ZIM Shenzhen was founded in May 2001 as a local branch of ZIM China, which is headquartered in Shanghai. Its professional team has been serving all ZIM clients in Guangdong (the Pearl River Data), Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan for more than 11 years. ZIM has also established some more branches in cities like Zhongshan, Shunde, Zhanjiang, Nanning, and Guiyang in order to provide local clients with more comprehensive services.

South China (Guangzhou):

ZIM shipping has its office established in Guangzhou which has the team of experts sitting in their offices and working on the ports. ZIM Guangzhou's professional team handles both export and import shipments, as well as more value-added services including air freight, customs brokerage, and trucking services.

South China (Xiamen)

The ZIM team of Xiamen Has served for more than 18 years. The Xiamen team has established a presence at all Chinese ports. You can make shipments to anywhere in the world through ZIM Xiamen China. The company's expert staff provides a variety of commercial, logistical, operational, and financial services to all ZIM clients.

North China (Shanghai)

The office in Shanghai was founded in 1998. ZIM China has established 9 branches along the coast and 19 branches in the land. The staff consists of 480 employees which work day and night to provide quality logistics and complete satisfaction.