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Evergreen Marine Co., Ltd - EMC shipping. was established in September 1, 1968 by Dr. Yung-Fa Chang. It is a container transport and shipping company with headquarters in Taiwan. The dawn of the foundation of a 20-year-old convenience store is difficult to manage. Although it was difficult but with Long Rong Sea in collaboration with the business reasoning '' Create profits, take care of employees, To give back to the community " the company achieved many distinctions in the field. The growth of 120-container-wide, irrespective of the capacity of the fleet or vessel load, EMC shipping is among the world's leading international shipping companies. The key to success of the organization is the reputable quality of services and innovative shipbuilding notions.

In 1975, when the vitality disasters hit the world and the transportation market dove, Taiwan's EMC shipping delivery industry, with its understanding, unflinchingly embarked on an armada container program, completing another quick entire container fleet, the eastern seaboard and the US East Coast full container general course, opening up the point of reference of Taiwan's whole container fleet.

In 1984,EMC shipping Sea opened an extraordinary worldwide things two-way full container consistent course, with effective programmed container ship, with consummate PC data association framework, interfacing Asia, Europe, the United States three landmasses of the vehicle Service network, giving the worldwide business segment economy, advantageous and safe transportation administrations. With the fast changes in the circumstances, keeping in mind the market demand, EMC shipping additionally flexibly alter the operation methodology, for instance, in 2002 to two of the pendulum line to supplant the 18-year operation of the worldwide East-west two-way course.

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EMC shipping Provide clients with more diverse options, evergreen shipping and Alibaba International Trading Market (www. Alibaba. com) (hereinafter called " Alibaba b2b"Cooperation, to Alibaba Business-to-business members to provide a guarantee of shipping services, and combined with Evergreen Logistics professional supply chain management services, to facilitate customers.

In current years, Cross-edge E-trade has blasted, and numerous little and medium measured merchants have extended their business openings through the power business stage, in this way inferring more divided worldwide transport needs. Keeping in mind the end goal to take care of this issue, EMC shipping delivery, particularly with Alibaba business-to-business participation, to give straightforward value, basic process, the full handle of the helpful administrations, so little and medium-sized clients in the Alibaba Business-to-business stage in the wake of accepting requests, you can orchestrate ensuing transportation operations.

This plan gets through the conventional booking mode, the client can choose the cargo loading port at the line point, and asks the cargo rate, insofar as finishes the booking step, can bolt the space and the cost. This certification of space, ensured costs, to guarantee that the conveyance of the service commitments, to dispose of the stress of transportation conveyances, with the goal that shippers can concentrate on product showcasing, full rush performance.

EMC shipping is renowned of little and medium-sized clients for traditions leeway, coordination and different connections are not comfortable with the need to invest a considerable measure of energy and labor costs. The proper designation Group's Evergreen Logistics as the choice of evergreen transportation plan of Alibaba's business-to-business individuals from the administration window, regardless of whether it is to organize trailers to submit consignment, import and export Customs freedom Declaration, report operation, Even warehousing and dispersion, can be custom-made to client request, to give tweaked desegregated logistics services.

On Alibaba's b2b platform, EMC shipping Marine initially facilitates four shipping pathways from China. It's first step is the main route of South America and Israel, which provides advantage for customers to book online. The port of embankment and port of destination are as follows:

EMC shipping Vessl Routes

Israeli routes

FEM -Port of Embarkation: Shekou, Yantian -Port of destination: Ashdod (Ashdod), Haifa (HAIFA)

South American Route

ESA -Port of Embarkation: Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian -Port of destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina (Buenos Aires), Uruguay Meng Du (Montevideo), five ports in Brazil including Iraq (Itaguai), Santos (Santos), Paraná Melon (Paranagua), Navigentes (Navegantes), Grande (Rio Grande)


-Port of Embarkation: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Yantian -Port of destination: Columbia Buvinaventu (Buenaventura), Ecuador Guayaquil (Guayaquil), Peru (Callao)