WHL Container Shipping (China) Company

whl shipping

WanHai shipping Lines started on February 24, 1965, initially as a log transportation organization working in Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia. In 1976, in light of the fast improvement of universal exchange the Asia Pacific and other worldwide patterns, WanHai shipping changed itself into a full-container shipping organization. WanHai shipping (WHL shipping)has over 30 years of encounters in delivery alongside thorough equipment and programming hardware and an expert staff. It attempts the most serious voyages and has the most extensive administration system of all transporters in Asia.

Facts about WHL Shipping

Founded in: 1965

Overall Container capacity: 223,110

Vessels: 87

Area Served: World Wide

Type: Container Shipping

Headquarters: Taiwan

Development of WHL Shipping

After transporting Timber Logs for some time the company noticed a trend towards the transportation services of containers. There was a huge potential in that business. So the company acquired a full container ship in 1976 and started the transportation service between Taiwan and Japan. In the next few years, Wanhai Shipping (WHL shipping) Co., Ltd. steadily expanded fleet, ship equipment, and actively opened up to new shipping routes. And then after hard work, the company became the most complete shipping service network in the Far East area.

Wanhai Shipping (WHL shipping) Co., Ltd. was listed was first listed in stocks in May 1985, and after that, it became a superior shipping company. The opening of the Taiwan-Hong Kong route in August 1986 brought huge business opportunities. The Company also got success by cross-strait economic (which lifted trade restrictions from China) which result in higher trades. And that was beneficial for WHL Ltd. So, in November 1987 WHL Ltd. started the Taiwan-Hong Kong-Shanghai Route service and that's how Wanhai shipping (WHL) Co. entered in mainland China's service network and became more perfect. In 1987 WHL Ltd. also successfully opened the Middle East route, and in November it opened the second route to the Middle East and then continued to increase routes to, Singapore, Port Klang, Dubai and other major points which greatly enhanced WHL Shipping Ltd. market competitiveness.

Services of WHL Shipping

WHL Shipping provides services every container shipping service which is offered in a big shipping company. The company has 3 types of containers given below:

Reefer: Used to ship goods which require special care and temperature, like food items, Medicines, Dairy etc.

Open Top: Its top is open, as the name suggests. This container is used to sip goods which are huge in height and cannot be fitted in a normal container. The top of the container then covered with a waterproof cover.

Dry container: Used to ship normal packages and goods like agriculture, sports, clothes etc

Flat Rack: It has no walls, it fits broad and large width cargo like machinery, pipes, steel rods, trucks, cranes etc.

The WHL also provide services like cargo tracking, which allows its customers to track the cargo location from their website. WHL Shipping also provides the service of shipping schedule and by using this service customers can find out the schedule of vessels.