CSCL Shipping Line

cscl shipping

China Shipping Container Lines (hereinafter referred to as CSCL container transportation company Ltd.) is a Chinese Shipping group. The group is mainly engaged in container transport and services related to it. However, the main focus of the CSCL Shipping Company is on container shipping. CSCL Container Transportation Co., Ltd. (CSCL shipping) is the world's fastest-growing company which is based in China. The CSCL Shipping Company provides its services on both International and Domestic level. CSCL Container Transportation Co., Ltd. Is completely focused on the development of China-Sea group and as of November 2009, it has shown rapid growth. CSCL Shipping has a modern and large-scale network of fleets with the core competency of a total of 127 ships with more than 75 vessels carrying over 4000 cartons. The Overall carrying capacity of its containers is 491,470 TEU. Due to its new and modern fleets, CSCL shipping has the advantage over its competitors. Because it’s new fleets are fast, more efficient and cost-effective. The cheap prices of CSCL shipping have made it more competitive in the International main shipping line. Besides that its advanced equipment and technology, excellent management and a large number of highly dedicated senior management personnel are also playing part in making CSCL shipping hard to compete.

On an international level, CSCL shipping has opened transportation from China to container lines of Major countries like Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe (Mediterranean) and the Americas, West Africa, the Persian Gulf and other dozens of international container lines. Among these, the united states only provide the route to nearly 30 full container ships for the Far East-North America's liner service.

CSCL Shipping Company Services

China Shipping container Transportation Co., Ltd. provides excellent service throughout the world. It has spread its services to over 100 countries and is continuously growing. The company provides freight forwarding services which include:

Container Shipping: The CSCL container shipping company ships all types of cargo like Chemicals, Machinery, Food items, Packages, Vehicles, and Pharmaceuticals etc. And has different types of containers for transporting these goods like Dry container, Reefer, Open top, flat rack etc.

Door-To-Door Services: The Company provides its customers with the convenience of door to door services. Which includes the collection of cargo, (repacking if needed), customs clearance and then delivering to the door of the receiver.

The CSCL shipping has developed drastically over the past few years, expanding its services to 100 countries and calls on various ports of each country. The CSCL shipping uses various shipping routes and has more than 50 domestic and foreign trade trunk lines. The major areas from which its vessel passes are:

  • China To Asia
  • China To Europe
  • China To America
  • China To Africa
  • China To The Persian Gulf

COSCO Shipping and CSCL shipping Merger

The latest news (MAY 2019) has revealed that the merger between CSCL shipping and COSCO shipping has been approved by both ends. The headquarters of the new company will be in Shanghai. So all the major operations like consolidation, dry bulk goods will be carried out in Shanghai. It is expected that the merger of CSCL shipping and COSCO shipping will prove to be a huge benefit for the domestic shipping industry.

The listing of operations like dry bulk goods and tanker transportation will be appointed to CSCL shipping. And Oil transportation business will be handled by COSCO shipping. But, a final report about the listings of operations is yet to come.

According to current statistics of the logistics industry. If COSCO shipping and CSCL shipping got merged. Their dry bulk cargo will be more than world’s top two Japanese merchant ships The Mitsui and Japanese Ship. Which will take the dry bulk cargo capacity of COSCO shipping and CSCL shipping at the first place in the world?