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Tak Cheung Shipping Company (TSL Shipping) is an executive reliable and ambitious container shipping company. It's headquarters are located in Taiwan. The company was established on July, 6 2001 by Mr. Chan(CEO), who has 20 years of experience in ocean cargo industry. As soon as it was founded, TSL shipping became the full employment company with diligent personnel, brief documentation, operations and monetary managements.

At that time, company opened services at 3 locations: in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. In 2002, TSL shipping stretched out to the Japanese line, that year while operating in North China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia courses and expanded the appendages to Singapore, Malaysia, East India course. Following this growth, the operation of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh Airlines was achieved in 2003. The same year in July, company opened in Yangon and after that in August it touches focal China North, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Ho Chi Minh City Express pathways. New established routes included Japan line Korea line, Southeast Asia line, Taiwan line, Middle East Line, Indo-Pakistan line, Australia new line, West African South and Africa. In a brief timeframe, with the goal that the organization from the new foundation of the ocean to end up plainly Taiwan's fourth biggest cargo proprietors.

When the TSL shipping was established, it concurred with a 2001 boom in the shipping profession. However, with the firm and flat-style organization management and energetic staff efforts, the company has been able to reduce operating costs and maintain profitability at a low market point. In addition, through the outstanding management and capable networking of Chairman Chen, the company can maintain a competitive cost.

TSL shipping Development Goals

Folding Short-term targets

In perspective of extensive Asian passages, in addition to the regular delivery of quality services, TSL shipping is always finding innovative ways to facilitate customers. The main purpose of current endeavors is to provide more flights and include more points. Besides the terrain, the ASEAN in addition to three territorial segments, and the Indian subcontinent and the territory district may expand the eventual fate of exchange development, get ready for the reaction, keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to essentially build piece of the overall industry.

Collapse medium-term target

In 2010, there was an extension of Long flight section to the western part of Australia in addition to the already available Asian routes. This is a primary step towards considerable increase in corporate profits. As a major carrier of the sea company is already a major tactical partner for the rest of America and there are particular research projects in motion for the expansion of services for the rest of Africa. The plan is to grow the number of courses.

Collapse-future goals

Gradually, shipping and financial markets are evolving. TSL shipping sea transport always have a careful positive approach towards the future. As for the developing ship company, the maximum fixed operating cost is the expense of the ship's rent, through the new shipbuilding plan, not only can effectively reduce and control the fixed cost ratio, not with the market changes caused by the huge operating costs difficult to control, in addition, through the increase in its own fleet, more effectively control the quality of services to enhance the market , but also the focus of future efforts. The future is obviously more popular in the market due to the new ship joining operation, which can provide accurate sailing schedule and stable and efficient service.

TSL shipping Services

TSL shipping provides e-services as well as internal services. Internal services include EMAN (E-Manifest), Webmail (HK) and LOCM Vessel Schedule Inquiry. E-services contains Free time and timetable inquiry. It also provides checking of Telex Release Number and MTC. Like other shipping organizations, TSL shipping also provide with Cargo Tracking service.

TSL shipping Shipping toward operation, the container ship as the fundamental method of operation, such methodology is from one viewpoint, holder transport for the cutting edge model, and compartment ships are principally settled guide course, for the organization toward create extend deep rooted client base and sporadic course to rent is a noteworthy distinction. Along these lines, TSL shipping delivery to the immense number of client base and generally safe endeavors towards financial scale, sound operation to guarantee that the solidness of wage and the operation of the pure.

The operation of the near TSL shipping line was founded in 2001 with other airlines to open up Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan as the first operating route. After 2002 years of operating in central China North, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, star Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh route and gradually opened Yangon, East India, Thailand, the Middle East, covering the exquisite and knit routes in Asia. In view of the expansion of mutual trade between China and Africa, since 2010, the route of the German ocean shipping will touch the Australian line. With the strength of the U.S. economic recovery, at the end of 2010 with strategic partners to carry out the United States line, and more in 2011 to expand Customer Service, expand the U.S.-West second and three lines, the route throughout the Far East South Korea, southern China, North America, Hong Kong, and extend the U.S. Northwest route. Another 2011 to open the Yangon line, become a minority of Myanmar navigation rights of the airlines, so TSL shipping Sea extended in the Far East, Southeast Asia, South Asia routes more knit, covering a wider area. So the expansion of ocean routes and the exquisite layout of near pathways, and they are actively moving towards the world-class airlines with the strong aim of the heart. The primary working model for TSL shipping Lines depends on freight liner operations. This procedure permits compartment boats to be worked in light of planned time periods and regular pattern ports. The organization can develop relentlessly and can separate itself from contenders that lease their boats and courses on a case-by-case plan of action.