What is THC Fee? How Much THC Fee?

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What Is THC Fee

THC Fee is "Loading port Terminal Handling Chargeā€œ, there have another name: ORC - "Original Receiving Chanrge". From 2016 year all shipping company only use "THC Fee".

Before 2016 year the fee from ports of China, THC fee use for the container shipping from China to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Japan, Korea, Australia are : CNY650/20FT, CNY1150/40FT, CNY1150/40HC; And the ORC were used shipping from China to the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, the black sea, ORC fee were: USD141/20FT, USD259/40FT, USD269/40HC

Now all container shipping companies use only THC, the charges from they company name "THC Fee". The THC fee export shipping from China all use "CNY", doesn't use "USD". But the fee a little different from different shipping companies in different ports.

The THC fee is one of the local charges, Under the FOB China this fee paid by your supplier, when you do EXW with your

How Much THC Fee

How much THC fee? from different ports shipping to different countries are different; Different container shipping companies have differnent fee also. The cost is the fixed fee, don't worry the shipping companies or international sea freight forwarder charges your more.

Shipping from China to the near-sea liner shipping market THC FEE are : CNY890.00/20FT, CNY1364.00/40FT, CNY1364.00/40 HC.

Shipping from China to the oceanic navigation line THC Fee are: CNY950.00/20FT, CNY1750.00/40FT, CNY1800.00/40 HC.


Below are the MSK THC Fee shipping from below ports

  • Shenzhen

    Shipping to the USA/Canada: CNY990.00/20 FT; CNY1660.00/40FT; CNY1660.00/40HC; CNY2075.00/45HC.

  • Xiamen

    Shipping to the USA/Canada: CNY625.00/20 FT; CNY980.00/40FT; CNY980.00/40HC.

    Shipping to the South America: CNY785.00/20 FT; CNY1170.00/40FT; CNY1170.00/40HC.

  • Shanghai

    Shipping to the South America/Canada/Africa: CNY625.00/20 FT; CNY980.00/40FT; CNY980.00/40HC.

  • Ningbo

    Shipping to the Europe/AU/Middle East/South America/Canada/USA: CNY625.00/20 FT; CNY980.00/40FT; CNY980.00/40HC.

  • Qingdao

    the USA Canada liner shipping market: CNY625.00/20 FT; CNY980.00/40FT; CNY980.00/40HC; CNY1380.00/45HC.

    the far-sea liner shipping market: CNY785.00/20 FT; CNY1170.00/40FT; CNY1170.00/40HC.



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