Certificate of origin is a certificate issued by the “China Council for the promotion of International Trades”, certifying that the export goods are originated from China. The certificate of Origin is a certifying document for the export of goods and the place of manufacture, which is the "origin" of the goods in the conduct of international trade. Under certain circumstances, the importing country gives different tariff treatment to the imported goods.

In international trade, the countries of the world, according to their respective foreign trade policies, generally implement import trade control, impose different tariff and quantity restrictions on imported goods, and carry out statistics by customs. The importer states that the exporter's certificate of origin of the goods has become international practice, Therefore, Certificate of origin is an important document for international trade.

Functions of Certificate of Origin

This document is used as the Basis for determining tariffs, what non-tariff measures are to be adopted, national trade statistics and policy making

  • To determine the tariff treatment of products; when improvement of market competitiveness of the important tools is concerned, Certificate of origin is a valid voucher for customs duties and differential treatment.

    If there is a tariff agreement between the state of import and the Government of the exporting State, the agreement rates (agreed CUSTOMS rate) are set out in the form of a treaty or the MFN clause.

    Most Favored Nation clause is provided for in the Treaty between the two countries, the buyer often requires the seller to provide a valid certificate of origin to prove that the origin of the imported goods is the counterpart of the Contracting State in order to obtain the appropriate tax treatment.

  • Certificate of origin also plays a role in proving the intrinsic quality of commodities and improving the competitiveness of goods. In the international market, the possession of Chinese certificate of origin for silk products has more market value than another country where silk is not their major product.

    Also, certificate of origin is sometimes the necessary documents for the delivery and completion of the trade. Banks often use Certificate of origin as an important voucher for the payment of letters of credit.

  • The certificate of Origin has an effective influence on the statistics of imported goods by the customs.
  • Certificate of origin is also an important tool to implement security systems; the goods importing country implements the different quantity control, carries on the trade management tool.

    In accordance with their trade policies, the countries of the world often impose restrictions on certain goods in order to protect their domestic industrial production and international trade competition and develop some measures for controlling the quantity of imported goods, such as import quotas, licensing systems, anti-dumping and countervailing regimes.

    In order to implement these control systems, it is first necessary to determine which country the goods are imported from, and then determine whether the goods are subject to import restrictions, whether they are subject to an import license, whether to reverse the quotas and levy anti-dumping and countervailing duties.

Criteria to get the Certificate of Origin in China

  • Establish enterprises in accordance with the law and get right to operate foreign trade in the territory of the People's Republic of China;
  • Establish a business enterprise specialized in "processing" and "sample processing", "assembly" and "compensation trade".
  • Enterprise by Foreign Investors.
  • Get from local international freight forwarder.

How to Apply One CO

Get Registered

The applicant shall approve the business license, the Department in charge of foreign economic and trade management right certificate and relevant documents certifying that the goods meet the standards of origin of export goods, to the local visa agency registration. The seal of the applicant and the name of the applicant shall be registered when the application unit is registered. Applicants applying for certification shall be trained and qualified by the inspection and quarantine institutions and shall hold applicants' certificates.

Apply for Visa

Applicants should be at least 3 days before shipment of goods, inspection and quarantine agencies to apply for a visa, submit the following documents:

  • One application for general certificate of origin
  • Making the correct and clear and the applicant signed personnel hand signed and stamped with the official seal of the general certificate of origin in four copies
  • A copy of the commercial invoice of the exporter; Products containing imported components have to submit product cost details

Certificate Of Origin Form

Here are the Certificate Of Origin CO form which use fill the details of CO informations,CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN OF THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA

1. Exporter Certificate no.: CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN
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2. Consignee  
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3.Means of transport and route 5.For certifying authority use only
4.Country/region of destination  
6.Marks and number 7.Number and kind of packages/description of goods 8.H.S.Code 9.Quantity 10.Number and date of invoices
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11. Declaration by the exporter 12. Certification
certificate of origin CO

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