Certificate of Origin Form F For China- Chile FTA

The Certificate of Origin Form F for China to Chile FTA Consist of fifteen (15) columns which are to be completed by the Exporter, filling his own part and leaving the official part to the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of The People’s Republic of China.

The following columns are expected to be filled in the Certificate of Origin FORM F for China-Chile FTA:

How To Fill The details of

  • Column 1 The request in this column is for you to state the full Legal and Registered Name, Verified Address, and Country of the exporter.
  • Column 2

    You are to indicate the Legal and Registered full name, Verified Address, and country of the Manufacturer. In other cases, if the certificate contains the goods of more than one manufacturer, the details of the other manufacturer shall be listed. If the exporter or manufacturer decides to keep the information confidential, he may fill in as “Available to the Competent Governmental Authority upon Request”.

    In the case where the producer and exporter are the same, you can fill in as “SAME”. If you don't know the manufacturer of the Goods, you can fill in as “UNKNOWN”.

  • Column 3 You are to indicate the Legal and Registered full name, Verified Address and the country of the Consignee.
  • Column 4 You are to indicate the mode of transportation, for example, Sea Freight, Air Freight, Rail or by Vehicle. Also, specify the route, the date of departure, the allocated number to your transporter, the port of loading and the port of discharge.
  • Column 5 This column is for officials of the customs authorities of the importing party, they will explain briefly whether preferential treatment is granted under the agreement.
  • Column 6 This is an optional column, if required, the column may indicate customer order number, letter of credit number and so on. If the invoice is issued by the nonparty operator, the name, address and the country of origin shall be filled out in this column.
  • Column 7 You are to specify the number of the item you are exporting, the maximum number is twenty which cannot be exceeded.
  • Column 8 You are to specify the shipping marks and numbers on the package.
  • Column 9 This column is meant for you to describe perfectly you goods, the quantities and the type of package being used. Make it effective by specifying the detailed name of each item so that the customs officer can identify it and make it correspond to the name of the goods on the invoice and the name of the goods on the HS code. If the goods are not packed, they should be marked "IN BULK".
  • Column 10 Also for security check, corresponding to the ninth column of the goods name, you are to indicate the corresponding coordination system coding, referred to as HS code. It is usually of 6 digits.
  • Column 11 If the goods comply with the rules of origin, the exporter must indicate the criteria for which the goods are entitled to preferential treatment in accordance with the format stated below:
    • Completely native, fill "P"
    • With imported ingredients, the value of the region is more than 40%, fill in "RVC"
    • Product specific rules, fill in "PSR"
  • Column 12 This column gives the chance to specify the gross weight, which should be in kilos, another routine can accurately indicate the number of units of measurement, such as volume, the number can also be used for the column.
  • Column 13 This column should indicate the invoice number, invoice date, and invoice value, invoice value, fill in the FOB price.
  • Column 14 Here is the declaration by the exporter, signed, dated and stamped.
  • Column 15 This column is meant to certify the declaration of the exporter by an authorized official must be signed, dated and sealed.

Why Need Use Form F

Since October 1, 2006, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities began issuing "China-Chile Free Trade Zone preferential certificate of origin" (FORM F), the date of originating in China's 5891 Six (6) digit tariffs reduced to zero. "Chinese Chile Free Trade Zone preferential certificate of origin", referred to as FORM F, OF ORIGIN FORM Name: CERTIFICATE F FOR CHINA-CHILE FTA of Chile importers of imports from China, with this card, can enjoy preferential tariff treatment in different degree.

In international trade, all countries in the world, according to their respective foreign trade policies, generally practice import trade control, impose differential customs duties and quantity restrictions on imported goods, and perform statistics by the customs. FORM F certificate is a certificate issued by the import and export countries, and also an important document of international trade.

Pros of Using Form F

  • An important tool for determining the tariff treatment of products and enhancing market competitiveness; Most of the countries in the world, on imports from different countries, use different goods, tax, and customs discrimination is decided according to the origin of the goods, the certificate of origin of the free trade agreement between the government of Republic of Peru is the national customs according to the customs duties and the implementation of differential treatment of valid documents.
  • Proof of the intrinsic quality of the product or the basis for settlement of the exchange: In international trade, FORM F certificate plays a role in proving the inherent quality of commodities and enhancing the competitiveness of commodities.
  • The basis for trade statistics; The customs of all countries undertake the duty of statistics on the import and export goods, and the FORM F certificate is the important basis for the customs to count the imported goods.
  • Goods importing countries carry out the tools of trade control with differential quantity control

The Certificate of Origin Form F Form

Here are the Certificate of Origin Form F from

Form F Form
    Exporter’s name, address, country:

    WUHAN,CHINA O/C Container Shipping CORP. LIMITED

Certificate No.:

Form F for China-Chile FTA
Issued in ____________
(see Instruction overleaf)

    Producer’s name and address, if known:




    Consignee’s name, address, country:

    CONdfd dfaf SUR LTDA
    TEL: 0056552225128 RUT: 76.020.784-8


4.Means of transport and route (as far as known)

  Departure Date:.2019-08-28
Vessel /Flight/Train/Vehicle No: SANTA CLARA 734 E 
Port of loading:            NINGBO CHINA  
Port of discharge:         ANTOFAGASTA CHILE 

5. For Official Use Only
Preferential Tariff Treatment Given Under _______
Preferential Treatment Not Given (Please state reasons)
Signature of Authorized Signatory of the Importing Country


6. Remarks

7.Item number
(Max 20)

8. Marks and numbers on packages

    Number and kind of packages; description of goods


    Fir retardant Wooden door


10. HS code
(Six digit code)



11. Origin criterion


    Gross weight, quantity (Quantity Unit) or other measures (liters,m3,etc)




13. Number, date of invoice and invoiced value


Aug 10th 2019



14.Declaration by the exporter
The undersigned hereby declares that the above details and statement are correct, that all the goods were produced in
(Country) CHINA
and that they comply with the origin requirements specified in the FTA for the goods exported to
(Importing country)CHILE
Place and date, signature of authorized signatory

It is hereby certified, on the basis of control carried out, that the declaration of the exporter is correct.
Place and date* , signature and stamp of certifying authority
Certifying authority
Tel: Fax:

Certificate of Origin Form F

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