Hamburg Sud Local Charges From Shenzhen To Europe Route

Here are the Hamburg Sud Local Charges from all seaports of Guangdong export container shipping to the Europe route, the Mediterranean shipping route,

1. ISPS fee: USD15/BL;
2.Documents charges :RMB450/BL;
3. Seal Fee: RMB30/container;
4. ENS:USD25/BL;
5. ORC:RMB804/20 FT container;RMB1850/40FT 40HC

Note: 1.Again over these Hamburg Sud Local Charges only use for the container export shipping from seaports of Guangdong, Yiantian / Chiwan / Shantou / Mawan / Dacanwan / Nansha / Xinguan (Foshan) /Jiangmeng...
2. The other container shipping companies (MSK / MSC / COSCO / OOCL / ZIM ...) if the shipping rount are the same to the Europe. The local charges are the same as Hamburg Sud Local Charges.

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