Maersk Local Charges From Shenzhen To US Route

The Maersk local charges which shipping container from port of Shenzhen China to USA as below details. Documents fee, ISF "10+2" import bond, AMS fee, ORC...

All these Maersk local charges you need pay to your booking freight forwarder or MSK shipping company directly.

1. AMS fee: USD30/MB/L;
2. Doc Charges: CNY450/BL;
3. EIR: CNY50/container;
4. ISPS: USD12/container
5. ORC : CNY990/20FT, CNY1660/40FT, CNY1660/40HC, CNY2075/45HC;
6. Telex release bill of lading charges: CNY450/BL

Besides these local charges, some company will ask you pay handling charges, some are free. The charges is CNY300~CNY500 per shipment.

If you amend the original bill of lading Maersk shipping will ask you pay CNY450/time+AMS charges+ISF carges. these also can name Maersk local charges. The bill of lading, AMS, ISF information some part are the same, so when you change one place, you need change other also. You must pay more three charges. Ask the factory provide the details of informations more careful, when Maersk line send your draft of bill check again and again, so that you can save local charges.

maersk local charges vessel route to USA

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