Price List of LCL by Sea Freight from China to Australia

lcl sea freight China to australia

The freight of LCL in the Price List of LCL by Sea Freight from China to Australia is the charging standard for one cubic meter of LCL from Made-in-China warehouse in Pinghu street, Longgang District, Shenzhen to supervised warehouses of local customs in Sydney, Adelaide, Freemantle, Brisbane and Melbourne. For example, one cubic meter LCL by sea freight from Shenzhen to Melbourne costs US $18. The LCL freight from China to three major port cities in Australia is almost the same, basically less than $20 per cubic meter, which is very cheap.

The freight of LCL by sea freight from China to Australia is applicable to companies that often purchase and transport small quantities of goods from China. Both the shipping company and the receiving company need to have specific authority and information in line with the import and export regulations of the customs of China and Australia. The following LCL freights are not suitable for customers, especially who purchases on Taobao only once and twice, need to ship goods from China to Australia. Because they don't know how to prepare and operate the complicated import and export procedures, it's easy for them to get things done wrong and have the goods withheld by the customs and fail to complete the customs clearance, or they don't understand the process of international LCL sea freight and the fees that need to be paid in each procedure, and when to submit those materials. If overseas Chinese studying or living in Australia need to transport goods by LCL from China to Australia, we suggest to choose the one-stop shipping mode of "Australia shipping with double clearance", The warehouse of both sides has completed the export declaration and import customs clearance, and has completed the top two complex tasks in the international shipping procedures for you, without any extra cost at the same time.

It takes the shortest transportation time to arrive at Sydney and Brisbane, Australia through LCL sea freight. It only takes 11 days to arrive at the port of destination. When the container arrives at the destination port, it needs to be towed by trailer to the local customs supervision warehouse for unpacking, usually taking about 1-2 days. If the consignee is in Sydney, when the goods arrive at the Sydney customs identification warehouse, it is necessary to submit the customs clearance information to the Sydney customs for declaration, and pay taxes. Only when the Sydney customs has released, can the driver be arranged to go to the customs supervision warehouse to pick up the goods.

Price List of LCL by Sea Freight from China to Australia

Price List of LCL by Sea Freight from China to Australia
Port of destination Country Minimum volume LCL by sea freight (USD / m3) Shipping schedule shipping company transit time
Sydney Australia 1 18 Closed Wed.
ETD Mon.
COSCO shipping 11
Melbourne Australia 1 18 Closed Wed.
ETD Mon.
COSCO shipping 13
Brisbane Australia 1 19 Closed Thurs.
ETD Wed.
COSCO Shipping 11
Adelaide Australia 1 28 Closed Wed.
ETD Sun.
Hamburg S├╝d 23
Freemantle Australia 1 38 Closed Wed.
ETD Tues.
Hobart Australia None      

The Price List shows "None" for LCL sea freight from China to Hobart, which means there is no service available at this port.

The declaration of packing must be provided for customs clearance at Australian destination port. The bill of lading shall show the packing types such as "wooden box packing", "pallet", "wooden frame packing", "carton" and so on.

2. From August 1, 2009, the new regulation Australian wood packaging states that after the new regulations, non fuming artificial plywood, plywood, wooden frame, etc. will not be accepted. This package should be treated as wood with compulsory fumigation. That is to say, all export LCL products with wood to Australia need to be fumigated and disinfected in advance, and obtain "fumigation and disinfection certificate" before offering LCL service.

3. The free storage time is 7 days in Shenzhen Made-in China warehouse, starting counting on the time of delivery; the free storage time of Australian local customs supervision warehouse is 3 days.

Price List of LCL by Sea Freight of Destination Port from China to Australia
Port of destination Consignee type Chinese name Currency type Charging standard Unit
Sydney Direct Security check fee AUD 25 BL
Sydney Direct   USD 16 W/M
Sydney Direct Handling charge AUD 35 BL
Sydney Direct Document input fee AUD 35.5 BL
Sydney Direct Dock dues AUD 36 W/M
Sydney Direct Document transfer fee  AUD 70 BL
Sydney Direct Container unloading fee AUD 0 W/M
Sydney Direct FAK Cargo Infrastructure Levy AUD 9.5 W/M

It's very cheap to charge one cubic meter of LCL from China to Australia. However, the freight forwarders in the current customs supervision warehouse in Australia charge the cost of unpacking, distribution, security inspection, exchange fee, file charge and other fees. These fees are collectively referred to as "LCL destination charges". Because different LCL companies charge by themselves, unlike the fixed charges of FCL shipping companies and docks, which are published to the market, the local LCL companies in Sydney, Adelaide, Freemantle, Brisbane and Melbourne have different charges, but they are almost the same. The above " Price List of LCL by Sea Freight of Destination Port from China to Australia" is the charges of LCL sea freight in Sydney. For other Australian port charges, you can also refer to this.

Companies that often ship goods by international LCL sea freight are aware of the charges at the destination port. If the local LCL agent charges too much, it is recommended that you send the agent's charge bill to the Chinese LCL booking agent, who will communicate with the Australian LCL agent to reduce unreasonable and excessive charges.

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