Commercial Invoice Form Use For International Sea Freight

A commercial invoice (COMMERCIAL INVOICE) is a list of the prices of the goods shipped by the exporter. It is the general description of the tax on import and export declarations. The content of the commercial invoice includes the name, specification, price, quantity, amount and packing of the goods. It is the necessary document for the customs clearance of the destination port.

The commercial invoice is the primary document Customs uses to ascertain classification, valuation and, ultimately, duty payments owed on each imported shipment. Customs may demand to review the commercial invoice prior to clearing cargo for entry into the country of destination.

A problem on the commercial invoice may cause the express shipment to fail to clear the Customs at the destination, delay delivery time, and may also affect the reputation of the destination clearance company. Therefore, the commercial invoice making should be standardized.

Commercial invoice plays a vital role in marking the identifications of the parties involved in the trading transactions. In this case, the identification of the buyer, as well as the seller can be easily known through this important document. The commercial invoice forms consists of the invoice number, packaging date, shipping date, and other important details of the transaction.

Requirements for commercial invoices (COMMERCIAL, INVOICE)

  • 1. Invoice payable with "Invoice" or "COMMERCIAL INVOICE". Do not use "Proforma Invoice" or "Customs Invoice" on the invoice;
  • 2. The invoice must be made by the exporter and signed or sealed by the exporter;
  • 3. The invoice must have detailed and accurate import information. If the importer needs to distinguish between the receiver and the customs clearance party, please clearly mark ship to (receiver) and clear by (Qing Guanfang) on the invoice.
  • 4. Please specify the export invoice information: detailed description, material use, customs, country of origin, encoding of currency, the number of individual commodities, commodity value, the total amount of individual commodities, the total price of all goods;
  • 5.Note of note on the use of goods: (DHL channel India express special instructions for this note):
    • 1.If you send a trade sample, the invoice needs to be clearly marked "Free Trade Sample for Testing/Sample Purpose" "No Foreign Exchange Involved";
    • 2.If the goods is shipped to the private or classed corporate gifts, invoices need to quote Personal Gift, No Foreign Exchange Involved; whether it is a personal gift or commercial purposes, the invoice value must declare the true value of goods;
  • 6. Please don't comment on the invoice "Value for Customs Purpose Only"
  • 7. For some special items, in order to expedite the process of customs clearance, the goods must be provided with certificate of origin or certificate of conformity provided by the manufacturer.

Commercial Invoice Effect

The functions of commercial invoice is as follows:

  • (1) The importer can understand and grasp the overall situation of the shipment;
  • (2) The commercial invoice functions as the importer's account, import declaration, customs statistics and customs declaration of tax basis;
  • (3) The contents of invoice by exporters to register for. Before shipment, the exporter should submit the commercial invoice to the Customs for customs invoice, customs and taxes to accounting, as one of the customs statistics and release certificate;
  • (4) In the absence of a bill of exchange, the invoice can replace the bill of exchange as the basis of payment;
  • (5) The invoice checks the seller’s will to meet the terms of the contract. Invoice includes a comprehensive description of the trading transaction where price is the center of the main content. Each and every aspect of the invoice is thoroughly check to understand the situation of the delivery by the seller.
  • (6) The invoice also acts as an important document for bookkeeping and accounting purpose for both the parties involved. This might serve as a purpose for calculating sale of goods, the buyer’s settlement documents, seller’s operating profit and loss accounts, and other fundamental basis for both the parties.
  • (7) The invoice can also be used as the basis of bill settlement business invoices, or serve as customs statistics, supplementary to determine main documents, and other relevant details of the transaction.

In addition, once an insurance claim has been made, the invoice may be used as proof of the value of the goods.

Plesae check here download one "commercial invoice" sample.

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