Sea Waybill Use In International sea freight

Sea Waybill is one of bill of lading a kind of express bill of lading (express bill). The consignee in the port of destination only need to prove their identity on the bill of lading. Consignee will be able to pick up the goods when the local charges is paid (if FOB and freight is paid), without having to produce any document, even a physical bill of lading copy. Therefore, sea waybill is a very convenient shipping document for customers; even more convenient than electronic bills (Telex Release). Port of origin and shipping companies also need to mail or fax to inform the port of destination, but sea waybill offers great convenience to customers at the same time.

This type of B/L also poses a great risk to shipping companies. For example, if terms is C&F goods, customers do not have to pay shipping charges after the shipment, the consignee is still able to pick up the goods at the port of destination. The shipping company is usually very cautious about issuing sea waybill, which is usually aimed at some of the GLOBE's VIP big clients such as NIKE, ADIDAS, IKEA, WALMART (direct guest class). Carriers usually include SCHENKER, DANZAS, K&N, UPS INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS.

In addition, some shipping companies also require FOB must be done before you can sign sea waybill. The Sea Waybill function is similar to the surrendered bill of lading, with which this document fax to the foreign consignee can be pick out to claim goods. With a COPY you can pick up the goods, but the consignee must be able to prove their identity as the CONSIGNEE stated on the document. General shipping companies that are signing large customers, often use Sea Waybill, or the consignee is basically the shipping company's VIP. Also, some shipping companies are not very strict, the general guests are given Sea Waybill.

Points to consider when using the Sea Waybill type of B/L

  • Sea Waybill (SEA WAYBILL) is not a document of title, therefore "non-negotiable / non-transferable" (NON-NEGOTIABLE)
  • In addition, when the sea waybill is delivered at the port of discharge, it is the person who does not recognize the ticket. The shipper is issued the shipper's statement. However, the bill of lading is the certificate of title, and when the goods are delivered at the port of discharge, the ticket is not recognized
  • Under Sea waybill type, the shipper may order the goods at will, and may change on the voyage, after all, this are his goods.

As mentioned above, the outstanding advantage is: Sea Waybill can solve the problem of “no delivery without the bill of lading” problem in international shipment.

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